Complete Heating and Sheet Metal was conceived and incorporated in Spokane, Washington, during the early spring of 1994 by Dan and Leasa Glover. Leasa’s meticulous business skills combined with Dan’s lifetime of HVAC and sheet metal experience, create responsible, dependable leadership to provide the best service in the industry.

“We moved to the area to raise a family and knew we could find an affordable home. We’re glad to be a part of the local business community that provides the same opportunity to others,” says Dan. “We found the wonderful city parks and close recreational access, to be what our Colorado and Montana up-bringing required.”

Leasa’s ability to balance a kid on one knee and the ‘books’ on the other, all while volunteering at the local schools, has been an inspiration to the twenty plus employees she now oversees. The local permitting and government agencies will remember the extra little worker (Sarah) who would attend the necessary office visits! Now a college student and office assistant, she continues in her mother’s footsteps. Her brother, Trevor, is a summer install helper. He’s following the same ‘Learn a Trade’ opportunity that Complete Heating has offered to the local community for years. Partnered at times with ‘Work Source’ and the local HVAC schools, it is a way for people to advance themselves with a career.

Dan’s career began in 1969 as a sheet metal shop boy for a friend of the family. A young lad’s desire to learn and emulate his mentors, careened into a lifetime odyssey of exposure to techniques and experiences. It is this history that enables him to resolve his customer’s needs and problems. When not at the helm of the company, he can be seen promoting fire safety to the elementary kids, soliciting for the MDA or responding on Engine 87 of S.C.F.D.8 Fire Department, where he has served as a volunteer fire-fighter and EMT since 2004.


"I am impressed with the value that Complete Heating offers."
- Mandi Fowler
Estimating Manager
Viking Construction